1. What is subrogation?

    Subrogation is a cost-containment measure in which Credence Blue Cross and Blue Shield stands in our member's shoes to recoup medical expenses paid on our member's behalf. We attempt to save money for our members and group customers by working to make sure that the appropriate party bears the cost of the member’s treatment. We also have a right to reimbursement that is separate from our right to subrogation. Please refer to the applicable benefits booklet for additional details.

  2. I need to set up a new case and don’t have a case number. What should I do?

    You must have a case number for an existing case to use the Subrogation Touchpoint. If you don’t have a case number and need to set up a new case, please call, fax or mail the Subrogation Department. See the Contact Information section at the bottom of this FAQ.

  3. I have a Worker’s Compensation case. Where do I go for that?

    The Subrogation Department includes analysts working solely on Worker’s Compensation cases. You may use the Subrogation Touchpoint for these cases as well.

  4. Where can I find a HIPAA form?

    Click here to access the Credence HIPAA form

  5. I want to use my own HIPAA form. What statements should be on the form so that you’ll accept it as valid?

    Click here for a helpful HIPAA Authorization Checklist.

  6. How long will it take my submission to be worked?

    Your Touchpoint submission enters our workflow overnight. We have a typical turn-around of 20-30 days. Please allow 30 days before contacting us to check on the status of your submission. If there is a problem or more information is needed to reply to your request, we will contact you.

  7. What if I have a time-sensitive settlement offer, impending court-ordered settlement conference or mediation, or pro ami hearing?

    If you have one of these time-sensitive situations, after submission please call 205-220-7725 and reference your submission.

  8. Will I get a faster response if I submit the same document or request in multiple ways (Touchpoint, fax, email, mail)?

    No. Actually, it will likely result in a slower response. Here’s why: Multiple submissions of the same document or request will create additional and duplicate work items for our analysts and slow down the overall pace of work. Please choose one communication method and allow us time to work your request.

  9. How do I pay my/my client’s subrogation lien?

    If we have agreed upon a subrogation amount, you may send a check payable to Credence Blue Cross and Blue Shield to the address listed in the Contact Information section. Please include a cover letter referencing your case number and any related settlement agreements regarding the lien amount. If we have NOT expressly agreed upon a settlement reduction, please do not submit a check without confirming the amount that we will accept.

  10. What is your contact information?

    Department Line (for questions and requests): (833) 663-8717
    Department Fax: (866) 445-6354
    Mailing Address: Subrogation and Worker’s Compensation Department
    Credence Blue Cross and Blue Shield 450 Riverchase Parkway Hoover, AL 35244