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How AI will impact members and their healthcare

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an increasingly important tool in healthcare. In particular, you may be familiar with the widely-used chatbot: ChatGPT. New uses for AI and platforms like ChatGPT are helping healthcare improve and evolve in ways that actually benefit you more than you may know.


What is known about AI so far


AI and machine learning refers to a machine’s ability to learn and perform tasks that we usually associate with human minds. In healthcare, this could mean huge leaps in efficiency, experience and accuracy in care.


What is being explored in the world of AI


Today, AI is being explored for new applications in healthcare, such as:


  • Improving the care experience according to each individual’s preferences
  • Finding a quick response to health questions and possible next steps to explore as a potential solution
  • Analyzing the body’s physical movements to identify any increased risks of injury
  • Providing recommendations for personalized exercise routines, rehabilitation and nutrition plans
  • Replacing tasks that help healthcare providers spend more time with patients
  • Identifying any physical, social or economic barriers people may face in getting the care they need
  • Helping care navigators better lead members to the kind of care they want and need


What AI can do for you


While AI is on its way to helping the overall healthcare ecosystem improve, it’s also working hard to make healthcare more enjoyable and less work for you.


This is especially important because we know that when people have positive healthcare experiences, they’re also more likely to seek care more proactively—often in ways that can prevent health issues, identify potential signs or symptoms, treat health challenges earlier on and improve overall health outcomes.


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