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The secret recipe to health: exercise snacking

As you may know, doctors recommend around 150 minutes of exercise a week for most people.


With our busy schedules, finding even 30 minutes in a day to work out can feel like an impossible task. Especially when picking up a new fitness routine, long exercise sessions can feel intimidating and unachievable. That might be why there’s a new wellness trend taking off that claims to be the best recipe for success, and it’s called ‘exercise snacking.’


What is exercise snacking exactly?


Exercise snacking is just like it sounds—breaking up exercise into smaller, bite-sized portions. Instead of one long workout, exercise ‘snackers’ will squeeze in a few brief bursts of exercise throughout the day. Whether that’s for a few minutes or 15, this type of time-friendly routine can help form healthier habits along the way.


Inconsistent exercise snacking is meant to serve as a little health energy boost offering many potential benefits—from physical benefits like a healthier heart, increased endurance and more restful sleep to mental ones like lower stress levels, improved mood and better focus.


How to squeeze exercise snacking into your routine?


Whether taking these small ‘meals’ at home, in the office or out and about, exercise experts recommend sneaking in that healthy ‘snack’ in ways that are easiest for your routine, such as:


  • Doing calf raises when brushing your teeth or washing your face
  • Opting to walk the dog a few blocks further or a few paces faster
  • Walking inside to grab your coffee instead of taking the drive-thru
  • Powering through a set of desk push-ups
  • Playing a quick game of tag with the kids after school
  • Doing tricep dips on the edge of the couch when watching the nightly news
  • Dropping down into a plank before you hit the hay


Is exercise snacking right for you?


If you want to learn which exercises might be safest and most beneficial in your health journey, the best resource is someone who knows your health: your primary care physician. If you’re searching for a doctor, use the Credence Find Care tool and customize your search to find the kind of doctor that’s just right for you and your health needs.


The verdict is in—exercise snacking is a great way to make a few small changes that have the potential to make a huge difference in your health.


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