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Top 3 tips to stay in network and save

Ideally, health insurance can help you stay healthy while keeping your costs low. However, many people still experience difficulties budgeting and saving for care.1


In fact, 1 in 5 adults get a medical bill that is more expensive than expected. 67% of adults don’t have the budget to pay for surprisingly high medical bills. The most common source of high medical bills is out-of-network charges.


So, staying in network can be the difference between breaking the bank or staying on budget. To help you stay in network and save, follow these three tips.


1. Check your provider directory first.


Many insurance plans have a provider finder tool that allows you to search for the care you need by location. By selecting an in-network provider from your health plan’s list, you could save on healthcare costs.


As a Credence member, you can search for in-network providers with our Find Care tool.


2. Call your provider.


Before booking the appointment, call your provider to make sure they still accept your insurance and provide the services covered. Before the call, be sure to have your plan information and insurance card handy for reference. Some helpful questions to ask are:


  • Does your facility accept my insurance plan?
  • Does that coverage include the care I'm looking for?
  • Are there any services not covered by insurance?


3. Practice preventive care.


Preventive care like yearly checkups, screenings, tests and immunizations can help you avoid major health issues that need extensive care. Review these preventive care guidelines to find what steps you should take to keep your health on track.


Keep track of your health and your health plan, so you can keep your wallet and body happy and healthy.




1. U.S. Statistics on Surprise Medical Billing (accessed May 2023):


This information is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for personal care from a licensed physician. Please consult your physician for diagnosis and treatment options.


Benefits are subject to the terms, limitations and conditions of your plan. Please refer to your benefit booklet for a complete listing of your plan benefits.
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