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Your lifelong guide to preventive care


Do you know when to start getting your cholesterol checked, blood sugar measured or bone density scanned? Although we often don’t know off the top of our heads what preventive health tests are needed when, your doctor does. And making those few annual trips to their office could make all the difference for your health.

Because our health needs change and evolve over time, it’s important to know which doctor to see each year and just how often to see them. To help you make a preventive care plan that lasts a lifetime, we’ve outlined some of the most essential recommendations by age, so you can stay on top of your health in the long run.


Preventative care recommendations

All ages

Wellness exam
Every Year
STD screening
Every Year
Skin cancer screening
Every Year
Dental cleaning & exam
Every Year

By age

Mammogram screening
Every year
Pap smear & HPV test
Every 3 years
AGE 45+
Colonoscopy screening
Every 10 years
Bone density scan
Every year

Outside of annual appointments and routine care, preventive care options can vary widely by age, race, sex, weight and family health history. Your primary care physician will not only know when to start running the right health tests, but they’ll also know when not to. To know exactly what’s right for you, visit your primary care physician at least once a year to discuss your long-term health goals and learn how to make them happen.

To make a preventive care plan with your doctor, you can start by finding care with a physician in your network today.

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